Capital Campaign

Our church has big needs and big dreams to accomplish the vision God has given us! To continue to move forward in our vision plan, we need to expand our facilities. The plan our Future Development Team has prayerfully put together will cost $5-million. This is a big vision, but with the help of each of our Northside families God can accomplish so much more through us together than any of us could accomplish on our own. To raise the money, we are starting a new capital funds campaign called FORWARD.

In order to effectively communicate God’s vision and our plan to every church member, we have set up a series of events in the coming months. You will hear from various members of church leadership and have opportunities to attend informational meetings from now until commitment Sunday, March 17. Our celebration of the commitments God leads each of us to make will be Sunday, March 24.

God has given us a big vision. We cannot accomplish it without the help of each and every member of Northside. We are asking YOU to pray about the commitment God would have you make to help move Northside FORWARD and share the gospel throughout our area.

There are many ways to participate, and you will learn about those ways in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for a brochure that details all the ways you can be involved in helping our church move FORWARD. For now, we ask that you PRAY!

  • PRAY for our church family to come together like never before.
  • PRAY for God to give each of us clear guidance as to how we can each be part of the FORWARD campaign.
  • PRAY for the families who are coming to Northside each week, that we would minister to them and share the gospel with them as effectively as possible while we raise money and then work on the construction of our facility expansions.

Our church family is growing, and our new facility is already bursting at the seams. Here are a few facts you may not know about our current facilities needs:

Adult LIFE Groups fill every available room, and some even have folks sitting on the floor. Our current adult LIFE Group enrollment is 732. Our master plan calls for adding onto our existing facility, and this plan would see that happen right away.

Through Upward Sports, we reach hundreds of families each year. Upward basketball was cancelled this season due to the sale of the CFC. Our NCA basketball team needs a home, and our vision is to have a wellness center that would benefit every member of our congregation. Our athletic fields are badly in need of improvements like restroom facilities and more field space.

With the sale of the CFC, we are now in need of office space for the entire staff.

Our current facility is not designed for intimate services like weddings and funerals. With a prayer chapel, we would be able to once again offer an appropriate setting to our members for those important life events.

We would like to pay down the debt on our current facility by applying $1-million to the principle of the loan.


**To set up your recurring contribution or give a one-time contribution, log in to your account, and choose FORWARD Capital Campaign to the right. If you are currently logged in, click here.**