Support Staff


Staff Member Title Phone Email
Cindy Barnett Ministry Assistant to Steve Allen 803.520.9544
Mary Boyce Ministry Assistant to Rocky Purvis 803.520.9539
Pam Campbell Financial Coordinator 803.520.9531
Alli Michael Ministry Assistant to David Ford 803.520.9534
Debbie Gibson Financial Assistant (part-time) 803.520.9532
Donna Meeler Outreach Secretary 803.520.9536
Rita Price Membership Secretary (part-time) 803.520.9535
Ronnie Bullock Mission Columbia Coordinator 803.926.3020
Carolyn Heimburger Financial Assistant (part-time) 803.520.9532
James Nell Maintenance
Ricky Coursey Communications Coordinator 803-520-9548
Cathy Sanders Ministry Assistant to David Schrodt 803.520.9540